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06-12-2013, 04:25 PM
Why I don't do Ground PvP...

1) The only reason I have 66k skill points in Ground skills is because I'm required to have 66k skill points in Ground skills. I have the minimum allowed.

2) I have 8 Aliens and a Reman. Each of the Aliens has a single Ground trait, since they could only select 8 of 9 as Space. The Reman has a single Ground trait (the Species trait).

3) I don't do Ground PvE (outside of leveling). As such, my Ground gear is crap because all you need is crap gear to do the Ground PvE as you're leveling.

So...minimum Ground skills allowed, minimum Ground traits allowed, and crap Ground gear...that's why I don't do Ground PvP.

Yep, Geko has been talking about a kit revamp. Won't make any difference to me, though...because again, I've got the min allowed Ground skills, the min allowed Ground traits, and crap Ground gear.

So okay, I don't want to "weaken" a toon by doing Ground...why not just take one of the Universal Slots that is sitting there as a Foundry toon doing nothing and roll a Ground guy?

The reason I didn't buy STO after the beta was because of Ground. Around a year later, when I got an email asking me to check out where STO was...I couldn't remember why I wasn't playing STO. I had been following the development from back when Perpetual had the license. I downloaded and installed the game for the free trial thing, created the toon, jumped once, and uninstalled the game. I remembered why I wasn't playing STO.

Outside of training BOFFs or switching ships, I'm not going to Ground. I'd rather pop a freighter or look for somebody that popped a freighter than go to Ground. Luckily enough, there are obviously enough people that feel the same because there are so many getting popped above Sol, Qo'noS, and even New Romulus.

Don't get me wrong, the artists, environmental guys, etc, etc, etc...have done an awesome job with the look of Ground. It came a long way with LoR...but it is still Ground. It's still the same goofy animations, the same clipping on costumes, etc, etc, etc...

For the folks not bothered by all those things, though, I do hope Geko gets somewhere with the kit revamp and it improves things for those folks that enjoy or want to enjoy Ground...
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