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All of your firepower will come from your energy weapons. Torps/Mines are only kinetic and spike damage. You really need to go with one energy type for all your cannons. Plasma and Disruptor both have best recommended procs, but only choose one type.

For the Tactical consoles, you will want to have ALL slots used to enhance your energy weapons. Disruptor = Disruptor Induction Coils, e.g. (

Generally I would recommend two Cannon Rapid Fire abilities, one on each BOff, but since your are using AuxtoBattery (reduces cooldowns on BOff abilities) you might be able to get by with just the one. Your goal is to keep cannons on rapid fire all the time!

Here's the tough one, Team abilities share cooldowns. To keep Tactical Team and Engineering Team(ET) up without bouncing off each other. I'd recommend Aux2SIF (to replace ET) but Aux2Bat is likely to steal power from Aux2SIF unless you carefully manage them. Aux2Batt may be too complicated for this layout.

Regarding warp cores, make sure to pick a core that boosts the power that you are in high demand of. Aux, Engines or Shields. There are other modifiers on the more rare cores but these are the basic mods. Field Stabilizing are best if you like to run high shields, like on a cruiser. For escorts, Hyper Injection boosts engine power. (

Yeah, get going on the Reputations, that'll get you the better gear. You'll need lots of EC, so plan to do the Tour the Universe event when it comes up - usually a few times a week on a rotating schedule. Do STFs (to get the chips, Omega points and Dilithium) as much as possible.

When you change BOff abilities, make sure to max them out with experience points so that they are as effective as possible. (

Your character's skills are important too (

Finally DOffs also affect performance. They basically reduce cooldowns and make other abilities occur more often on chance, etc.
All of this stuff adds together to make your characters, bridge officers and ships as effective as possible.

Here another possible layout I found in the PvP forums:

Hope this helps.
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