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06-12-2013, 05:45 PM
Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
This is working as intended.
It's a game engine bug, actually. The reason you can't customize the Federation Renegades is because they are coded to use off-duty uniforms (i.e., civilian clothes or mercenary outfit). Unfortunately, the tailor contains code that prevents BOFFs from using any uniform type except for "Uniform." This creates a logic loop that prevents the system from committing any changes you make to the Renegade.

Cryptic has actually been taking baby steps towards fixing this, such putting the Romulan off-duty uniforms in the "uniform" category and adding the Mercenary 03 belt to the "Uniform" parts list.

Devs, if you are reading, please please please please write a script to go through the database and add ALL of the Off Duty, Formal Wear, and STF Armor parts to the "Uniform" class. Don't change the unlock criteria or anything, just merge them into the "Uniform" group. This will fix so many problems with the current tailor and further enhance the superb customization experience that's a major selling point of your game.