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Drop one of the torps for another DHC, and move both the universals into eng slots so you can fit 4 Disruptor Induction Coils. Drop Eng Team 3 for Aux to SIF 2, which doesn't conflict with Tac Team, and probably drop AtB for a second EPtS (you can use a single AtB with Technicians to get full or close to full uptime from one EPtS, but it's simpler to just get 2 EPtS, and that avoids conflicts with the A2SIF). See if you can find some of those TT cooldown reduction doffs, if you can get enough you can go to just one copy of TT , move High Yield down to Ensign, and get a second Attack Pattern Beta.
Nice. You posted while I was typing - I got a little wordy.

I like the refinements to the BOff abilities.

If you want to go all Plasma, just use Plasma Infusers instead of Disruptor Induction Coils. Avoid the general "energy" consoles as their abilitiy to boost is not as effective as the ones the focus on one energy type.
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