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# 1 How to obtain Fleet doffs?
06-12-2013, 09:16 PM
As I've been mostly ignoring the Fleet system (rather solo player), there are some things I don't necessarily take for granted in it.

For instance: fleet doffs.

1) As I understand it, after achieving Tier 1 starbase, the starbase personnel officer gains a store with random common fleet doffs.
a) Is this personnel officer the one standing in the 'operations' floor of the starbase?
b) Is there an unlock project for the store (or rather those random common doffs) to be unlocked? Or is it automatically available after the Tier 1 starbase upgrade finishes?

2) After achieving Tier 2 of any category of the starbase: Shipyard, Fabricator, Comm array, the personnel officer should offer common tac/sec, eng/ops and sci/med doffs.
a) Again, would that be the same personnel officer that is in Ops on the Starbase?
b) Again, is it needed to run some project to unlock those categories of doffs? Or are they added automatically to the personnel officer?
c) Is a Tier 1 starbase, or previously unlocked random common doffs project (if it exists) necessary to get access to those tac/sec, eng/ops, sci/med doffs? (As you can get high tiers in either shipyard, fabricator or comm array without upgrading the starbase.)

Thanks to any who can answer.
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