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Originally Posted by ashtaku View Post
1) That's correct. Common at tier 1, up to purple at tier 4.
a) Yes. You'll find him in the command center near the hologram of the starbase. His dialogue says "commission duty officers."
b) No, it's an automatic unlock as you tier up.

2) Correct. Common at tier 2, through purple at tier 5.
a) same vendor as the random boxes
b) automatic unlock.
c) unknown to me, others might be able to confirm.
Thanks very much.

Now I think I can deduce 2) c) myself: Barring a bug on my side, the Tier 1 starbase is needed for any doffs to be available from the personnel officer. (As I've been on a starbase that's Tier 0, yet with a Tier 2 shipyard, where tac/sec doffs weren't available from the personnel officer. A typical: 'More progress is necessary to unlock...' showed on the personnel oficer.)

I guess it is settled then.
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