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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Not a lead, but I am an Environment Artist.

Here's the break down of the art team:

Environment: The geometry of the map itself. Ground and Space. Anything you can run around on/in. Buildings, Props, Trees, Rocks, etc. Including Models (Geometry), Textures, Materials (how textures work with each other), Lighting, Skyfiles (what you see in the sky, and how the lighting/fog/etc. works), Simple world animations like opening doors, consoles popping up.

Characters: The Geometry, Textures, Materials for anything you can select on the ground. Player Costumes, NPCs, Mobs, etc. Things like consoles that you blow up are a combo between Character and Environment.

Ships: Geometry, Textures, Materials for anything you can select in space. Ships, obviously.

Animation: Animations for almost everything that moves. (Notable exception for simple objects like Doors, see Env above.) Skeletons/Rigs for everything that moves. This is mostly for Players/NPCs/Mobs, but some work is done for Ships and the like. This includes all emotes.

FX: All of the visuals for your ship powers. Any kind of particle system. Anything that moves but doesn't have a solid body. Smoke, Sparks, Snow, Dust, Water Splashes, Waterfalls, etc.

UI: All of the actual Hud/UI work. Includes all icons.

Concept: All of the concept art we use as a basis to create in game art. This is mostly for Characters, Ships and Environments, but could include FX or UI. Sometimes Concept dudes help UI out with icons. Sometimes we use Concept artists for in game work, like paintings that we put on walls, etc.

So, a Taco food item's icon would either be done by UI or Concept most likely.
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