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Team: me in a Kar'fi, 2 Chimeras, a TS adapted destroyer, and a Odyssey - SPOILER ALERT - money cant buy skill or brains

took 5 minutes to kill the cube and spheres in the beginning b/c three of my teammates (the chimeras and oddy a.k.a the three stooges) were circling the gate.

once we killed the cube and spheres, the three stooges attacked the right side generators before killing the cube, while the TSAD and I were killing the left cube. I killed the cube then noticed what the stooges were doing and went to the right. the TSAD then killed a generator. meanwhile on the right, I single-handedly killed the cube and was working on the last two generators when the nanite spheres arrived. we lost the optional objective, but that was onlty the beginning. with the right side generators dead, i focused on the nanite spheres while the stooges fired at the transformer. TSAD came over to help with the spheres so we finally got the right finished.

The left side went pretty much the same way and the gate and tac cube took forever. Total Elapsed time: 47min. definitely not worth 75 Omega marks, 960 dil, and an XII engine.
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