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*U.S.S. Bunker Hill, Soval's Quarters. Soval and Ryan are talking.*

Ryan: All I'm saying is that maybe you should give your people time - let that book of yours sink in. Recalling it and hiding away in shame isn't going to solve anything.

The Vulcan High Command isn't going to accept you back after this anyway, not for a while. Let that book do all the good it can.

Soval: You are illogically making the assumption that only good will come out of this.

Ryan: I'm human. What do you expect?

What I do know is that running away from your problems isn't logical.

Soval: When a mouse is confronted by a lion, is it not logical for the mouse to flee?

Ryan: When a mouse is confronted by an elephant, is it logical for the elephant to flee?

Soval: You are comparing me to an elephant?

If I were human, I believe I would be insulted.

*Ryan smiles before standing up.*

Ryan: Think about it. I need to get back to the Victorious. We'll talk again next time I get off subspace silence.

*Ryan leaves, leaving Soval alone in the room. He soon hears the door chime.*

Soval: Enter.

*The door opens as T'las walks in.*


T'las: Sir, we just got a message from Starfleet Headquarters. They want you to send someone to watch Admiral Voporak.

Soval: The Admiral is on-starbase. Very well. Have the Yellowstone prepared for launch.

T'las: Aye, sir.

Soval: Was there something else, Commander?

*T'las walks in a little further, and the doors close behind her.*

T'las: It isn't important.

Soval: Indeed?

T'las: It's a personal matter, sir.

Soval: Regarding the Vulcan High Command's decision?

T'las: I was raised on Earth by my Vulcan Mother and Human Father. My Mother said that it was my choice which culture I chose to embrace, but... told me that sooner or later my Vulcan side would start to emerge... violently.

Soval: Your emotions.

T'las: I dealt with that quickly. I suppressed them until they were controllable by the time I was 12.

Soval: I see. Then you mean the Pon Farr?

*T'las begins to circle the room.*

T'las: I had never felt such an uncontrollable burst of emotion.

Soval: It is the same for all Vulcans. It is not something to be ashamed of. If Captain Allington were here, I believe he would say "it happens to the birds and the bees."

...But... the birds and the bees are not Vulcan. Nor are they half-Vulcan.

Nor do their... conditions... reveal themselves at the onset of puberty.

You lost control of your emotions. Which came first?

T'las: I'd rather not discuss it. It's not something I like to think about.

Soval: T'las, despite your human bloodline, you're still as strong as the average Vulcan, and I myself know how dangerous that is during the Pon Farr. You hurt someone, correct?

T'las: Didn't I just say I didn't want to discuss it?

Soval: I've found that in humans, what they want and what they need are two radically different things. If you need to discuss it, you can. You know I will treat it in the strictest confidence.

T'las: You always do.

Admiral, concerning 2 years ago--

Soval: I consider the matter closed.

T'las: You could have taken me to Vulcan and let the High Command decide how to proceed.

Soval: And it would have risked your death. Logically, it was the only decision.

T'las: Logic doesn't usually enter into it with humans. You knew what you were doing, right?

Soval: Commander, I consider the matter closed as long as you wish it to be. Most Vulcans prefer not to discuss it.

T'las: I'm half-Human.

Soval: And your capacity for logic while balancing your diminished emotions has been a source of fascination and inspiration from me.

T'las: For someone who seems to want to let his emotions reveal themselves, you sure have trouble being direct with it... which is odd for a Vulcan.

Soval: T'las, what happened 2 years ago was not within your control. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I, however, was your superior officer. While the decision was logical and a fulfilment of my duties as your Commanding Officer, it was... morally questionable.

T'las: From a human perspective, perhaps. I owe you my life.

Soval: How did you get through the Pon Farr the first time?

T'las: I... would prefer not to say.

Soval: Fascinating. Your hesitance to answer the question would seem to denote shame, but your tone would suggest that you feel the answer is a foolish one. Would this be embarrassment, Commander?

T'las: Sir, are mocking me?

Soval: Merely stating a question of intrigue.

T'las: Of course. Mocking would be an emotional, and completely human response.

Soval: Precisely.

T'las: It still sounds like mocking.

Soval: How is it possible that one with ears so... Vulcan, can make such simple auditory errors?

T'las: Assuming it was an error.

Soval: Was there anything else, Commander?

*T'las smirks, noticing his pathetically obvious attempt to end the conversation.*

T'las: No sir.

Soval: Very well.

*T'las begins to leave, turning back at the door.*

T'las: For the record, that attempt to end the conversation was obvious and pathetic, and, by the way, completely illogical.

*She leaves and Soval looks down at a PADD on his desk. He picks it up and begins going through the Duty Roster for the next week, attempting to completely dismiss the previous conversation from his mind.*

Soval *to himself*: "Attempt to end the conversation"? Illogical.

True, but... illogical.
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