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06-13-2013, 09:51 AM
hive onslaught is a logic fail in any case because of the lances

>hive mind< we now have a weapon that can destroy any ship it hits, we shall equip this on all our unimatrix vessels and prepare for the assault on the alpha quadrant.

***1 month later***

>hive mind< we have 12 unimatrix ships equipped and ready, further assault fleet assets include 8 tactical cubes, 12 cubes, 16 spheres, 24 assault probes, 16 each tractor and regeneration probes.

we estimate alpha quadrant will be borg within 1 standard year.

***wolf 359 redux***

<Enterprise> we have the borg on long range sensors, they've just come within 20km of the flee....*BOOM*

***1 hour later in orbit of earth***

resistence is futile, we are the borg

if the borg have a weapon that can obliterate any ship at long range, they'd use it, they're not human, not klingon, they are practical, they will use what works. since the devs deemed that the borg do have an ultimate weapon...resistence is futile once you carry out what they'd do with that weapon. combine that one with the plasma bolts? yeah...i'd start looking for real estate in another galaxy somewhere, this one belongs to the borg.

in game terms, one shot kills are a LAZY game design mechanic, and as illustrated by the above point, make no sense in the STO universe especially if given to the borg. other races might hesitate to use a weapon of such destructive power...not the borg.
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