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06-13-2013, 08:51 AM
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Okay, first, the actual truth is that escorts require less effort to be competitive, while cruisers require more effort to build and fly competitively. Both are capable, when all is said and done, but escorts are jump-in-and-go while cruisers require lots of attention to trivial little details and changes to combat timing and all kinds of stuff.

As to the broad point, yes its a problem. Increased power production capabilities for engineers have made it less of a problem, but it is still a problem.
the idea around cruisers is to tank not to grind for tech doffs to a2b and do more damage overtime than escorts. people want to turn cruisers into dps ships (escort class is or was the dps class ship) and that requires more effort but to use cruisers as tanks they dont need more effort than a escort.Thing is tanks are useless because theres no mission or thing to do for that type of gameplay...even in pvp.

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A BoP is not an Escort.

its a tier 5 shuttle with battlecloak lol