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Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
Okay, first, the actual truth is that escorts require less effort to be competitive, while cruisers require more effort to build and fly competitively. Both are capable, when all is said and done, but escorts are jump-in-and-go while cruisers require lots of attention to trivial little details and changes to combat timing and all kinds of stuff.

As to the broad point, yes its a problem. Increased power production capabilities for engineers have made it less of a problem, but it is still a problem.
This is probably the most accurate statement you'll see about it. Escorts require a cookie cutter set up, do very well on cheap gear. The cruiser is all about weapon power drain, and you need some serious set up and gear to consistently fight that.

That said I can take my eng cruiser in a fight and come out roughly as fast as my tac escort, sometimes faster. It all depends on location of the enemies, spread out that cruiser is faster, bunched up the escort blasts them in one scatter volley.
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