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06-13-2013, 09:14 AM
Originally Posted by innuwarrior View Post
Was hard but doable, got nerfed ppl complained. Ppl complained after nerf, put power back but way too much.
{snip} Get it back like it was at first
{snip} I like a challenge but at least but at least I'd like to shoot back a little before getting blown up.
I couldn't agree more with these comments. Hive on launch was a challenge (even on normal), once that was under your belt, elite was another challenge.,.. getting all 3 optionals on elite was an occassion to celebrate... then the whining came... the inevitable nerf... more cries that it was now too easy... so insane spike damage was added.

Take it back to what it was previously... the borg did solid, CONSISTENT damage (limited spike (except the lances (which didn't target you if you were close to the queen).

I think if, in general, the NPC Damage should be increased by 20-30% on elite, maybe 10-15% on normal. But NOT SPIKE damage (i.e. Torp, Lance, etc) but their sustained fire damage.