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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
A BoP is not an Escort.
A Cruiser is not a Escort.
PVE is DPS designed.
PVE is easy to overpower and kill.
Escorts create amazing DPS.
Escorts have an easy time against PvE.

None of this is new.
1.its pretty much the same just more squishy and with a battle cloak.splitting hairs much?
2.really? who knew?
3.Thats what I was getting at. **** but much more painful in a cruiser
5.a dps ship that does good dps?well I never.
6.again that's my point.
7.not new to you but new to someone who has played for under a month.

why did you bother taking time to post that rubbish?

Do I have to remind the vets posting here that this is a thread in the new comers forum?
Instead of useless posts saying "this is so misinformed" inform me like empireofsteve did instead of making poor attempts at trolling.

empireofsteve I have pretty much exactly that setup but thanx.

I just found it shocking that I would die alot more in a tankie ship with a tankie build in 10 times better gear and setup than I would in a squishy ship with awful gear just mashing space bar and neglecting key parts of the game like BOFF ability's and DOFF's.

I never complained about a tank ship not out damaging a dps ship once.More complaining about dieing alot more in my "tank ship"

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