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06-13-2013, 10:17 AM
Originally Posted by deadspacex64 View Post
in game terms, one shot kills are a LAZY game design mechanic,
Bolded for emphasis.

And yeah, I've had the questionable pleasure of experiencing those lance one-shot kills in Hive Elite. At some point we just gave up. It was hilarious for a while, and we laughed a lot, each time a ship just went 'poof'. But that's about it. Gets old, gets very annoying. And suddenly those lance attacks hit like every time. Oh, and when the whole team was destroyed, the Cigar of death even did a little dance. I'm not joking, it was moving and jerking around, like it tried to back into a parking space..

Talking about lazy or weak game design - the behavior of the spheres in Infected Space Elite is ridiculous. Their movement is random and makes no sense at all, other than to annoy the players, which is pretty much the only thing it achieves.
You know, if it was all part of a well orchestrated tactic and all the spheres would coordinate their attacks.. well that might be challenging.
But right now it's just silly and a typical "oh let's mix things up a little - trolololol" game design fail.

Then there's also Donatra in Khitomer Vortex Elite, who now sometimes fires the Thalaron Weapon without chargeup time. One time she came out of cloak and within one second wiped out our whole team. That was fun! Not.

And while we're at it, - balance by excessive hp is also problematic. Why?
Well, the resulting balance could have dire consequences on anything PvP related.

Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
I'm not sure why the devs in this game are so enamored with telegraphed one-shot kill mechanics that make both tanks and healers pointless, but they are.
This is so true. And so sad.

Hey Cryptic devs, at least make it so that there's a realistical chance to beat the encounter with skill. Like movement and smart usage of skills.
You know, like other successful MMO companies design their encounters.
Not some lame "hey, some of you will get killed. deal with it" crap.
Or "we're totally gonna random this up to make it more challenging!" nonsense.

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