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06-13-2013, 12:10 PM
I do have a Ferengi (his name is Vexx) who would be happy to join you
he is a less played alt his level is not that high , his play time is limited but he is available if you want him (I can easily scoot him out of the alt fleet he currently passes time in)

Vexx Bio
Favourite colour green
Favourite Drink saurian brandy
Most lucrative contract the buying up and selling of underpriced Starbase resources (specifically Seismic stabalisers)
Worst business decision Selling a boxed ship for 14,000 ec the day before the price jumped to 75k
WOC Ferengi energy whip
Hobbies Dabo , Siting in bars listening to gossip and seeking profit in "helping " others

But I Rp in very quiet ways and have slightly more enemies than the Bajorans