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06-13-2013, 12:46 PM
I'm having a similar issue. Hit L50, went to buy zen. First try, it went as far as sending the text code, but when I entered it, it simply said something like "can't process the purchase, error occurred." Subsequently, I can't even get to that point--as soon as I hit buy on the little Skrill inset window, I get the error message.

When I tried PayPal, it sends me to the PayPal site with the order information up and I soon as I try to process it, PayPal says "can't process the purchase, error occurred."

I've verified all of my accounts are current and have absurdly sufficient available credit for this purchase.

I've submitted a ticket, but given the lack of official response here, I'm concerned. With both Skrill and PayPal giving me error messages, and my accounts being verified, it's looking like a Perfect World side issue.