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Now there has been something that has been pressing my mind since I have started playing Star Trek Online. Hey, we all know Starfleet has the Armitarge Class Heavy Escort Carrier, and the Caitian Atrox Carrier as well. But with the Klingon Defense Force in possession of the Vo'Quv Class Carrier. And also the recent Jem'Hadar Dreadnaught Carrier, both that can spit out small attack ships so to speak. Starfleet should have one as well. I mean yeah, both carriers can carry fighters, but when it comes right down to it. A ship with a fleet of attack ships kind of easily kills off the competition there.

So my proposal, the Yamato Class BB converted into a carrier. Now you might ask yourself why? Simple, first off it has been featured in almost ever Star Trek game. From Starfleet Battles, to Star Trek Starfleet Command, and Klingon Academy. Now if all the trademark and legal stuff can be worked out by Perfectworld/Cryptic and NBC I think we could have something interesting going. So yes first it is canon that is if this game is willing to accept those games as canon. Second, well when it comes to naval history it was well known that several warships were converted into carriers. And if you look at the Yamato it could carry the potential. Although not sure if you could fit Defiant's into that sized hull without first retrofitting it or just modifying it by cutting out part of the inside of it's hull to make hangers out of it. It would require some work and imagination, but hey that's what this game is all about. Expanding the possibilities.

There is also the possibility as well they could design a carrier based on the specs of the Yamato Class BB. I mean hell, look at the Armitarge it inspired from the Akira which according to STO was hoped to become a Heavy Escort Carrier. So the potential is there. All I am trying to say it would be nice to see a Federation Carrier matching toe to toe with the Vo'Quv when it comes to spitting out Raiders or Escorts as it's idea of fighter wings.

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