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06-13-2013, 07:03 PM
I personally want to see several new hair style options added such as:

1.) Janeway's Bun of Steel.

2.) Few of Jadzia Dax's styles from S1-S3 DS9

IMHO we are missing a few "slicked back bun/ponytail" styles that don't have loose hairs in front. Or those with a lot of volume in the front like Jadzia and Janeway. I often wish they would take one of the "slicked back" short hair styles and add a bun on the back. Easy enough right?

3.) Klingon curly hair (not dreads) options, as well as a high forehead B'Elanna Torres type option.

4.) The Romulan shoulder length with straight across bangs useable for all races

5.) Seven of Nine's twist

6.) Picard/Doctor hairstyle

Also I'd love them to introduce a Founder's outfit like the Female Changeling "wears"