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06-13-2013, 11:32 PM
Originally Posted by quaigy View Post
Hi I've just installed STO but cant get it to run properly.

it's version 1.5.1
I get as far as the brightness adjustment screen and I hear music but the program freezes.

I'm running on a Macbook pro 2.2 Ghz intel core 2 duo, 4GB Ram, Nvidia graphics card and OS 10.6.8

I disabled the GLSL but that hasn't worked. Anyone got any tips on getting this to run? Thanx
- Craig
i had the same problem when i first started STO off in wine. i too got to the brightness adjustor and then nothing happened. you have to open the option tab IN wine. if you open STO (show package content) you'll see a wine app. open that and go to graphics. there you have to play a bit around that stuff. for doh123 sent his graphics prefix file and that fixed it for me. if you want i can do the same for you. maybe it helps.
BTW: dont forget that the first time you load the game it has to load for about 15 mins. that was the case for me... and many times i thought the game froze. but it didnt. just loaded a long time.