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06-14-2013, 01:21 AM

I'm looking for an aux2bat build for the Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit yet. See also:

I'm kinda new to A2B, but I'm having some trouble finding a good station layout. I mean, with (presumeably) 2x copies of A2B on Lieutenant positions, I'm kinda stuck with 3x Ensign engineering stations. Usually, I reserve 2 of those for the obvious 2x EPtS1; but with my new Horatio's, I'm given to understand probably 1x copy of EPtS would suffice, leaving me still 2 eng ensign stations left. See my problem?

Well, the real problem is that I probably don't understand the process right. So, if anyone could give me some idea on how to lay out these stations properly, I'd be most grateful.