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06-14-2013, 05:16 AM
Depends how you look at it.

In a VERY long term, this 9% discount will be noticeable, especially when Cryptic introduces more holdings in the future.

As it stands though, reaching Tier 3 is still gonna be a challenge for smaller fleets, if the costs are gonna remain the same as the embassy, with each project requiring dilithium and Mining Provisions in addition to other commodities. Even now one of my fleets is struggling with Tier 3 Embassy, because it requires even more dilithium total than a Tier 4 Starbase...

True, the discounts are a nice addition to some other nifty benefits we'll get, including new items, but if we're to judge the discount alone as a supposedly "substantial" difference for smaller fleets, then I as well believe the Mine is gonna end up draining even more resources than people would otherwise spend to reach any higher starbase Tier.