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I'm looking for an aux2bat build for the Fleet Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit yet. See also:

I'm kinda new to A2B, but I'm having some trouble finding a good station layout. I mean, with (presumeably) 2x copies of A2B on Lieutenant positions, I'm kinda stuck with 3x Ensign engineering stations. Usually, I reserve 2 of those for the obvious 2x EPtS1; but with my new Horatio's, I'm given to understand probably 1x copy of EPtS would suffice, leaving me still 2 eng ensign stations left. See my problem?

Well, the real problem is that I probably don't understand the process right. So, if anyone could give me some idea on how to lay out these stations properly, I'd be most grateful.
with the tech doffs, you only need 1 copy of every ability, thanks to their effect they get cooled down to their system cooldown. ive got quite a few excelcior builds in this thread actually, some could proboly use some tweeking though at this point. EPtA doesn't really help that much i find, BO3 is usably accurate now, stuff like that

in the 3 ENG ens stations ET1, EPtS1 and EPtW 1 is what i would suggest. you get full up time on both EPt skills and an extra small but helpful hull heal. RSP is a safe bet in the LTC slot, and DEM3 is what will help the most in the COM slot.

i like single cannons up front and turrets in the back, with the 2 part omega set bonus tet glider, and DEM, single cannons can really do an number on a target quickly. you can throw a DBB up front and have BO2 or BO3 for some actual spike too. with the improvments to turn consoles, 1 or 2 of them will make useing those more narrow arc weapons a snap

you can use beams too, but those can provide withering fire on this ship. you wont get near as much out of DEM though because beams have a much slower fire rate and no real equivalent to CRF. consider dropping DEM3 for RSP3, or a team helpful ES3.
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