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06-14-2013, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
with the tech doffs, you only need 1 copy of every ability, thanks to their effect they get cooled down to their system cooldown. ive got quite a few excelcior builds in this thread actually, some could proboly use some tweeking though at this point. EPtA doesn't really help that much i find, BO3 is usably accurate now, stuff like that

in the 3 ENG ens stations ET1, EPtS1 and EPtW 1 is what i would suggest. you get full up time on both EPt skills and an extra small but helpful hull heal. RSP is a safe bet in the LTC slot, and DEM3 is what will help the most in the COM slot.
Thank you very much for your elaborate reply!

Seems I had already laid out my stations the way you described above. Although I'm finding the ET1 to be a bit underwhelming on a ship with so much hull. And, since I run beams on it, I was thinking of maybe switching RSP2 and DEM3 for DEM2 and RSP3.

I currently have FAW3 for main tact (next to TT1 and APB1). For some reason FAW never seems to give the same 'zest' as BO3, but that may just be be an optical illusion.

I have one question left, though. Seems you need to activate A2B *after* you spammed your buffs, or the Haratio's don't seem to have any effect. Which makes cycling your buffs, with a single keybind (the only kind the game provides, it seems) a bit trickier.

Still, I must have done something right, as first time I took my new A2B fleet boat into Starbase 24, I got first place with it. I had to respec a bit to give me a bit more starter aux (61, counting warp core buffs); with 122 weps, and 70 starter shield (and literally minimal engine). I have to say, A2B gives ya an ungodly amount of power (not discounting second set bonus of Borg console + KCB, either).

Anyway, thx again for your advice. I shall look into cannons too.