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06-14-2013, 01:26 PM
Aux2bat isn't any more expensive than a traditional build, provided you're willing to do the B'Tran chain. Might as well do Delta Volanis for the doctor as well since 1 blue advisor/diplomat and the rest DV doctors will give ya a 32% chance of getting a purple tech.

There's a warp theorist as well, but I forget which chain awards him.

If you do go Aux2Bat, you want to keep the Dominion Command Interface because Aux2Bat reduces it from a 2 minute cooldown, to 45 seconds. It not only adds a DR debuff, but also reduces the target's defense. 15% Accuracy and Defense as well if you have the Dominion Command Protocol console. Net effect is like adding 30 more Accuracy for 15 seconds out of every 45.

Here's what I use on mine.

Cmdr Tac - TS1, TS2, FAW3, APB3
Lt Tac - TT1, APB1
LtCmdr Eng - EptW1, Aux2Bat, EptS3
Lt Eng - ET1, Aux2Bat
Ens Sci - HE1
Front - Spiral Wave Disruptors x3, Wide-Angle Quantum Torpedo
Aft - Spiral Wave Disruptors x3

Eng Consoles - Neutronium MKXII, Dominion Command Interface, Zero Point, Tachyometric
Sci Consoles - Dominion Command Protocol, Assimilated
Tac Consoles - 4 x Disruptor Coil MKXII

Warp Core - Field Stabilization MKXII EPS, S->E. My shields are capped at 130, so I get a bigger boost to engines than if I had W->E. It's also cheaper.

When I run DHCs, I swap to,

Cmdr Tac - TS1, CRF1, APO1, APO3
Lt Tac - TT, CSV1

Front - 3 MKXII Disruptor DHCs, Acc, CrtD, CrtH + Quantum (see below)
Aft - 2 MKXII Disruptor Turrets, Acc, CrtD, CrtH, Cutting Beam

I change the launcher to a MKXII Borg Quantum if I'm running ESTFs, or a MKXII Acc, CrtD, CrtH Quantum if I'm running something else.

For DOFFs I use,

Purple Technician x 3
Dlyrene (10% vs Borg)
Exocomp for the 10% damage boost when using weapon batteries.

For hangars, any fighter with torpedo launchers is good. Set them to intercept and they'll spam their torpedoes and attack any target attacking you, including enemy torpedoes and fighters.