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06-14-2013, 04:04 PM
Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
Ok so you expect him to solo the entire mission then? From the looks of your performance in a Fleet alert you wouldn't have been much help to him either and he would have ended up also having to carry you. If you are dying twice as a sci which is tankier then a tac escort you are the one people should be angry with, not someone who did make an honest effort to try at first then backed off realizing the situation was hopeless. I would have just warped out myself, no point in getting a 30 min lockout with no marks to show for it.
I don't expect anybody to solo anything. I expect them to fight for marks though. Even if he killed two or three ships instead of cloaking it could have possibly finished a wave for more marks.

Yes, it was a subpar build for even me, one I won't be using again in fleet alert. I showed up in a free science ship without DHC's (gasp). I counted on one or more tac captains or dhc wielding ships to participate and they didn't or they were level 20ish.

I have been the person that carried that event enough times to be able to ignore your insults regarding my skill, and to expect people not to quit on me or the other two players trying hard.

I do expect him to die trying, not hiding in a corner. Tell me they wouldn't take your command away from you if you pulled that as a fed, or executed you as a klingon.

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