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Originally Posted by fourxgamer View Post
As much as I dislike being unevenly matched, if I had been in that fleet alert with you, you would have been the one I was most angry with.

I used my level 50 kdf rom sci captain the other night for the first time in fleet alert. Where I'm normally there with scatter volley, rapid fire, torp spread etc, I showed up with normal sci abilities this time. Sure enough, several low level players queued along with lower dps level 50's so we got behind early. I used gravity well but nobody would fire on those targets. I threw my limited heals around without receiving any, so I blew up twice where I normally don't at all. At about 2/3rds of the match gone, a rom player decided to cloak and watch not unlike what you mentioned. I fought to the end with honor. If I could have raided his/your ship and murdered you on your bridge I would have. I may not have the best gear, or greatest skill, but my honor is intact because I will never quit on my allies.
In that case, you can just be mad.

One minute left on the clock, everyone was dead except for me, and the entire wave is still up? Yeah, not wasting my time just to see the TOS Connie bum rush the fleet and die again. If you want to keep shooting things when you're all on your own with no chance of winning, go for it. I won't be though.

Originally Posted by fourxgamer View Post
I do expect him to die trying, not hiding in a corner. Tell me they wouldn't take your command away from you if you pulled that as a fed, or executed you as a klingon.
Nope, they wouldn't have done anything. One ship vs. a whole fleet is not something either side would have expected at all. The Feds command would have had the ship fall back. Klingons are warriors, but they aren't stupid. They don't just rush into suicide scenarios. There is no honor in rushing to your death like a fool.

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