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06-14-2013, 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
its not a level 50 mission

a Single level 50 can almost solo it
its basically a captain level op but it should be open to all Lower ranks

Fleet alerts were ALWAYS open to lower ranks (and if anyone is being gated out it should be those of us past level 40)

the common mistake that this stuff is "end game" is just that a mistake

when fleet alerts BEGAN I ran my first one at level 13
I get the feeling a lot of people, including you, aren't actually aware of the mission being discussed. The mission in question is a level 50 mission, the enemies in it are all level 50. It's also IMPOSSIBLE for a single level 50 Captain to solo this mission, so stop spouting rubbish please.

For one, there are far too many enemies for one ship to take on without multiple re-spawns (when the counter runs down for the next wave, they appear whether you've taken care of the previous wave or not). Secondly, the mission is on a timer which means you would run out of time long before completion even if you did decide to keep re-spawning and try soloing it.

Also, why the heck would they stop level 50 Captains from earning fleet marks by fighting against level 50 enemies? That would make no sense at all.
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