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06-14-2013, 08:35 PM
Originally Posted by admiralgillis View Post
So, I sign on today, and I decide to do my Romulan patrol.

First, I go to the Beta Thoridor system. I fight through four waves of Klingons, and the fifth wave wont spawn. Good thing I need the expertise, so I just exit, and try it again. I go back in, fight through four waves again... fifth wave wont spawn. I exit, chalk it up to bad luck, and move on.

I then go to the system that the Borg scooped up (forgot the name), fix the satellites, and no one spawns. I leave again, come back, and it works. Alright, that was a waste of time, but I persevere.

Then, I do a few more missions. My inventory starts getting full, so I decide to hit the bank to drop off a bunch of stuff. I call the Azura. Nothing happens. I call it again. I relog. I call it again. No dice. So... that's broken.

Then, I get a Red Alert pop up in my instance, decide to get that daily taken care of... only to warp in, once again, to a failed Red Alert that I'm immediately warped out of.

Seriously, guys... running into the occasional bug during your daily grind is expected in any game. But, spending every single day online running into a series of bugs, to the point that whatever you're intending to do is more likely to be bugged than be working, is just shyte QA.

If I turned in a finished product like this in school (I'm a comp sci major, and our school focuses on game development), I'd get a failing grade.
Actually if this game is what you handed in, bugs and all, you would get the best grade in the class.