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06-15-2013, 04:02 AM
I get the feeling a lot of people, including you, aren't actually aware of the mission being discussed. The mission in question is a level 50 mission, the enemies in it are all level 50. It's also IMPOSSIBLE for a single level 50 Captain to solo this mission, so stop spouting rubbish please.

fleet alert is available from level 5 for federation (level 22 for klingons for some warped reason)
its a VERY easy mission for a team working together
if you can't complete this as a level 30 captain try turning on team chat

I said "almost" solo
you can get as far as wave 4 all by yourself

For one, there are far too many enemies for one ship to take on without multiple re-spawns (when the counter runs down for the next wave, they appear whether you've taken care of the previous wave or not).
not everyone flys an escort
The average cruiser has 3- 5 times your survivability
Some cloaked ships can complete a wave without even being hit
Secondly, the mission is on a timer which means you would run out of time long before completion even if you did decide to keep re-spawning and try soloing it.
Call for back up
this is what operational assets are for

Also, why the heck would they stop level 50 Captains from earning fleet marks by fighting against level 50 enemies? That would make no sense at all.
Join date is wrong, I've actually been around since Beta.
level 50's should be doing real level 50 content (colony invasion)

My fleet means something to me, it is a home. But because it has less than 25 members and I don't want to be a nameless face among 500, I'll never reap the rewards of an upgraded starbase. Not cool.
can get 50 marks doing colony invasion a LOT easier and no lower ranks to get in your way

For all those claiming this is somehow a "Captain" level mission, that's just demonstrably false. I ran it just now, and actually looked at my target info at the top of the screen. The level difference on the ships I checked was 0-2. Since I was level 50, that means they were 48-50. This is an endgame, admiral level mission. It's Normal difficulty, not Elite, but it is certainly Level 50.
no it was raised to that because of moaning VA's
its a low level mission
the enemies always spawn in the same place at the same time in the same formation
A single large warship with torp spread 3 Bfaw and a singularity can swipe and wipe 50% of a wave in a single volley
that makes this a captain level mission

I have seen this mission beaten by a team of three captains in 6 and a half minutes
(admittedly on orions)

Now, I happened to also run ACT while I did this. This turns out to be fortuitous because I got a mixed level group. It was me, two other VAs, a RA Lower, and a Lt. Cdr. I was also on my Romulan, who has mediocre gear as of yet. We finished with just under a minute left on the siege group. Here are our damage numbers:

1. VA 1 - 2,548,623
2. VA 2 - 2,183,535
3. My Romulan - 1,984,362
4. RA-L - 409,337
5. Lt. Cdr - 234,805

And our best hits:

1. VA 1 - 44,008 (Plasma Energy Bolt)
2. My Romulan - 31,652 (Tric Mine)
3. VA 2 - 30,362 (Hargh'Peng)
4. Lt. Cdr - 4,017 (Plasma Torp)
5. RA-L - 3,064 (Photon Torp)
third party software may or may not be reliable
sounds to me however as if you have the wrong weapons /powers

Most of those are single target weapons
you need spreads and patterns

Everybody was active the whole time, nobody was AFK. I was impressed with the Lt. Cdr, he only died once. The RA also died once. None of the VAs died. Look at the dropoff in damage just from the VAs to the RA. He did 1/5 the damage that I did. Now, my damage numbers in PvE tend to be high compared to a typical PUG, even on my Romulan. Let's make an assumption that our RA here was doing 1/3 the damage of a typical PUG VA (and that's being generous). The Lt. Cdr did half of what the RA did.
lets assume they were average skill level
had they had better boff powers and weapons the time would have been shorter
Obviously, the RA could very well have done better. The only thing an RA lacks that a VA has is another Captain power, access to Mk. XI-XII weapons and gear, and VA C-Store consoles. Given the low overall damage and extremely low best hit, I'm going to assume he's a brand new player and doesn't know how to get the most out of his ship yet. An decent player at RA level could've managed, let's say, around 1-1.5 mil. A captain even less

You were using one hit weapons
tri mines for example are ONE mine
a similar mk transphasic with a pattern power can be 8 (or about 3 times the damage)

Considering the time limits, having anybody coming in at Captain or below constitutes a severe DPS penalty.
dps parsing needs to be banned its causing people to make false assessments

Since this mission is TIMED, DPS reigns king here even more than other PvE content (and that's saying something in this game). In fact, we probably would've lost the Siege round had all three VAs not been established players doing a lot of damage. The notion that a single VA can solo this given the time limit is ludicrous. We could've probably removed the RA and Lt. Cdr and just done this with us 3 VAs, but it would've been tight.
usually in the seige mode two or more VA's WARP OUT
leaving the rest to finish
they almost always fail purely because of this

So, the way the situation is now is not fair. It's not fair to people coming into a VA match with team mates who are incapable of contributing significantly to the mission. It's also not fair to those lower level players who will spend the entire time feeling useless and exploding. All it needs is a level gate on the public queue. This is the same mechanism that exists and works on Fleet Actions and PvP. There's no reason it shouldn't be in place here.

yes levels 40 and under ONLY

If you want to run mixed level with your fleet mates and friends, you very well can. Private matches have always been able to do this. By all means, have fun challenging yourselves in whatever way you wish.
Fleet alert really should be just Fleets

We have a lot of new players coming in. They don't know how to set their ships up well, they aren't good pilots yet, and they don't understand why they have angry VAs screaming at them in team chat
yes because the VA's are often wrong

Some gems
"Don't get within 5km of the named ship it will cloak" (while fighting tholians)
"anyone not on DHC's should not be here"
"use the 10% rule" (in a fleet alert??????????)
"Get a proper ship NOOBS " (from a guy in a bug ship)
not to forget "Rainbow loser"

. I'd like to see them stick around and become good players. We just need to break up the public queue so it's fair and fun for everybody, and nobody needs to have a bad time.
we need to make it clear to the VA's that a fleet team is 1 VA and 4 lower ranking ships
and that its the Va's job to GUIDE and protect
not to boss his team about

you are not kirk