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06-15-2013, 09:38 AM
Originally Posted by myrddinwooding23 View Post
Thanks doh123 for clearing up some confusing things for me! asches1 was giving advice and said you sent him your graphics prefix file? if i could get a copy it would be most helpful if it helped his 10.6.8 mac to run the graphics properly, i wouldnt know where to install it within wine i guess if you could send it doh123 i'd be most grateful!

thanks again, myrddin
Booting in Safe mode then setting your preferences is better... What I gave away earlier was just a copy of my preferences files... basically a way to change in the in-game settings from outside the game.
These are the ones i gave away earlier.. but they are very old.. not sure if they even work with the current game. This really shouldn't be needed any more...