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Originally Posted by lordgabe View Post
One shot it all. Easiest play though 've ever had... Sorry. (really fun tho)

Kind of confused by the challenge peeps are having, maybe i was lucky with gear drops, maybe a new warp core - no idea don't recall any amazing luck with drops and don't have any zen store stuff to help me bar my red mater capatcitor. Was fun and pretty much a push over, I'm not sure what advice i can give you guys beside the obvious
Like you I'm a bit puzzled at the problems some are having. However I will offer one tactic that works well for me... don't fly into a mess of enemies and try to tackle them all at once. A BOP is a raider. Cloak... drift in... try to angle your attack so that one enemy ship comes into range. Drop cloak open fire then head away... you will draw them off away from their comrades (stoopid AI heheheheh). Rinse and repeat. I do recall that this was a toughie the first couple of times I tackled it (that was a few toons back) so maybe this tactic will be helpful to someone.
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