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Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
That is full of win. Thank you so much!

Would you happen to know where Eta Carinae is? I'm doing a mission that involves visiting that system after it went supernova.
I've got an excel spreadsheet which converts the information, so I can figure it out.

Eta Carinae
RAh 10
RAm 45
Dec -59
Dist 7500 to 8000 LY

so lets figure it for 7500 LY ...

X/Y/Z coordinate (each grid is 1 LY) would be 7075,2490,(3863)

that would put the star in a sector which would be 354 sectors to the "right" and 125 sectors "up" (making it in the Beta Quadrant) and it would be about 194 sectors below Sol's plane on the galactic disc

but I wouldn't worry about it being nowhere near the area of Trek, it never stopped Trek writers before
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