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(OOC: Hello! Longtime STO player, but new to RPing! Decided to try it out focusing on a regular member of the crew rather than a captain. Let's see how it goes! Also, I'm open to tips and constructive criticism. Like I said, I'm new at this.)

.S.S. Vancouver, Federation Borders]

Ensign Leko Wil was never fond of wake-up alarms, but being woken up by one at 2200hrs felt as unpleasant as being revived by a cortical stimulator. Though time of day may not mean much aboard a ship travelling multiple times the speed of light, the common need for sleep has made it necessary for ships to function with artificial day and night cycles since the beginning of space exploration, thus making night shifts just as dreadful as ever. Wil acknowledged the alarm and the computer responded with a stern beep followed by silence.

Now then, time for breakfast.

Ens. Wil doubled as a tactical officer and security personnel aboard the U.S.S. Vancouver, a Trident class Deep Space Science Vessel on its return trip from a mission to analyze the properties of the Great Barrier surrounding the Galactic Centre, and now, three years since the start of its assignment, the Vancouver had just crossed the border into the far reaches of Federation space. Although it may not have been a tactical officer's dream assignment, the mission was not completely uneventful. After all, between the Sol system and the Galactic Centre lies Klingon and Gorn space. There were even a few fights to break up in the lounge. However, upon reentering Federation space, the tactical to-do list shortened drastically to a measly number of maintenance drills and routine diagnostics. The hours seemed to pass even more sluggishly with four fifths of the crew sound asleep.

The turbo doors opened and Wil stepped onto the bridge. The Big Chair was occupied by Chief of Operations Lt. Shrod, who gave him a quick welcome. Wil dismissed the swing shift officer manning the tactical station and took his post.

Wil: And so the fun begins.

Shrod: Yup. Though you never know, there could be an armada of Klingons just outside of sensor range.
Wil: As much as I enjoy a little excitement, I think I'd prefer a quiet night over instant destruction by a Klingon armada.

Shrod: Perhaps you're right. Today may not be such a good day to die.

Stanton: Wise words, sir.

Ensign Stanton only recently started receiving bridge duty shifts. As a junior officer, he's considered himself to be quite lucky for the opportunity, considering the sheer amount of other science officers aboard the ship. Though he's been keeping mostly to himself over the past week, he's started to open up little by little.

The following few hours went by relatively quietly, with the odd info requests and the getting-to-know sessions between Shrod and Stanton. Wil kept cycling through his monitoring systems. It was the type of work that required just enough concentration to prevent his mind from wandering, but not enough to be mentally stimulating. He wondered if this is how Admiral Quinn must feel.

I don't think i've ever seen him leave that desk.

The floor of the bridge then began to vibrate quite violently, accompanied by the fading of the hum of the warp engines.

Conn: Sir, we've dropped out of warp. We're completely adrift!

Wil's first reaction was to check the long range scanners for signs of an attacker, but his console was black.

This can't be right...

Wil: Sir, I've lost everything. Shields, weapons, long-range scanners... They're all gone.

Shrod: Well what do we have?

Ops: I still have internal sensors, sir! Power loss all throughout the ship. It seems to be getting worse around a specific epicentre. Artificial gravity is down in deck 6 sector 7, and the lights aren't even on in the science lab in that area.

Stanton: Sir! That lab contains particle samples collected from the Great Barrier.

Shrod: Well, I guess we found our culprit. Get teams together to bring power back online ASAP. I want any and all available science officers with a working tricorder on deck six figuring out how these particles are causing this power loss, how to stop it, and more importantly, how to keep it away from life support!

The turboloft doors swooshed open and Captain Thryiss briskly entered the bridge, still fixing her collar.

Thryiss: Report!

Even after three years aboard the ship, Wil still can't seem to get used to being in the same room as the captain, let alone her bridge. He can't help but feel like she's recording everything he does, more specifically, every little mistake.

Thryiss: Can anyone give me anything?

That's my cue!

Wil: Captain, emergency power is still settling in, but in the meantime I can give you limited subspace communication.

Thryiss: I'll take it! Send out a distress signal and tell Earth Space Dock we'll be behind schedule. While you're at it, ask them if they can spare a ship to provide some assistance.

Wil: Aye, captain! Sending message to Earth Space Dock now.