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06-16-2013, 07:24 AM
OOC: That was great! Just one thing, you'll want to separate action by two *s.


Quinn: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm sending you on an assignment. (OOC: Quinn is a Fleet Admiral so yes, he can give Voporak orders.)

Voporak: As long as it gets me off of spacedock, I'm fine with it.

Quinn: The U.S.S. Vancouver has sent a distress call asking for assistance. Seeing as how you're so eager to go somewhere, I want you to help them.

Voporak: Wouldn't you want to send something other than a warship for that?

Quinn: If there's a bigger problem, you can call for more help.

Voporak: Understood. When will I be leaving?

Quinn: As soon as your ship is ready.

Voporak: Wonderful.

*Voporak exits the room*

Quinn: I hope that wasn't a terrible idea.

*Voporak beams up to the U.S.S. Black Phantom and marches onto the bridge*

Voporak: Are we fully resupplied?

May (Chief operations officer): Yes,

Voporak: Good. We're going to go save the Vancouver. Set a course to its distress signal, warp 9. Move us out of the drydock at one-quarter impulse. Thrusters are too slow.

*The Black Phantom slides out of the dock and moves away from Earth orbit*

Ludicrous speed!

Mirra (1st officer): Sir?

Voporak: I'm sorry, I just wanted to say that. Take us to warp.

*The ship warps out*

Send a message to the Vancouver. Ask them what the problem is and if we need to take any precautions.

Mirra: Sending them a message now.