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[U.S.S. Vancouver, Federation Borders]

*Ensign Wil is at the tactical station and has been put in charge of communications. Captain Thryiss is in her chair, conferring with her first officer, Commander Audler. Over the years, Wil has learned to be weary of Audler and his strict way of handling the crew, which seems to amplify when the Captain's around. A notification beeps and text scrolls onto the screen.*

Wil: Captain, Earth Space Dock has received our distress signal! They've sent the U.S.S. Black Phantom... and the U.S.S. Bunker Hill.

Audler: Seems a bit excessive, don't you think?

Thryiss: I'm not complaining at this point, Commander. I take it they'd like a status report, Ensign Wil?

Wil: Yes, Captain.

Thryiss: Good. Me too. *She taps her combadge* Engineering, this is the Bridge. What's new in our situation?

Engineering: Nothing good, Captain. The power failures seem to be getting worse. Deck 6 section 7 is completely in the dark and half of the deck is without artificial gravity. Not even atmospheric controls are online in the science lab.

Thryiss: Lieutenant, are you meaning to tell me that we could soon be without life support if we don't take control of this situation soon?

Engineering: ... Yes, Captain.

Thryiss: Understood. Thryiss out. Ensign Stanton. How are the science teams progressing?

Stanton: Captain, the teams are doing everything they can to figure out how these particles are affecting our systems, but their tricorders are showing nothing, and without power, we don't have access to our more advanced equipment.

Audler: Sir, these things are draining the entire ship. I recommend we jettison them immediately.

*Thryiss bites her lip. After a short pause, she taps her combadge.*

Thryiss: Engineering, based on the rate at which these particles are affecting our systems, how long do we have before we lose life support in the critical areas of the ship?

Engineering: Calculating now captain... I reckon we have two hours.

Thryiss: Thank you. Thryiss out. (To Audler) Jettisoning those particles may have to be an option, but I will not do so until absolutely necessary. I am not wasting three years of our lives all because of one deck is floating around with a stale atmosphere. Ensign Wil, what's the ETA on our two knights in shining armour?

Wil: About two hours, Captain.

Thryiss: We'll make it. Send them our full status report. And see if they can find a way to safely contain the Great Barrier particles. One sitting duck is enough, we don't need two more.

Wil: Aye, Captain.

Two hours? That's not so bad. Still beats a Klingon armada.