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# 3 Welcome To Pestf!
06-16-2013, 11:29 AM
Hi all!

It is with great pleasure and pride that I can announce that PESTF is now the largest, most active and #1 STF channel in game having cleared 4k subs.

This thread was created in hope of being stickied after a correspondence from Bran Flakes notifiying us that a channel update thread of ours was recommended for sticky.

Who ever recommended us, thanks very much!!

Hopefully if we can get this thread stickied, we'll have a place to keep everyone up to date on channel news and updates and generally a place to hang out!

Thanks again to all who have made the channel a success in our 1st year and hopefully we can continue to provide a fun and friendly channel to find quality groups and games for STF's and all Rep Teamed missions!

I have to thank Elite Defence Starfleet in particular along with the early adapters who helped keep games running in the early days of the channel when people said it couldn't be done!

See you all on channel!!

Good Luck and Good Hunting


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