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06-16-2013, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by earlnyghthawk View Post
To the ones asking about no formal or off-duty options available to Rihan characters, they have them. I have my Rihan sci character set up with the normal Fed formal dress attire. Now, for the KDF side, I don't think they have it at all however.

But more skirts, or just plain out way more clothing options for ALL characters. Fed, Rihan, and Klin, and male and female please!!!
Nope most of us are asking for the skirts that were shown and not actually around...

fed ally picture clearly shows a skirt designed for the uniform and its not ingame altho i recall seeing it on test long ago on a manequin, shoulda screen shot it but didnt think to do so cause i figured itd be ingame...

plus the other main argument is that there is a graphics issue with certain skirts, ie tos skirts give the females a normal healthy leg look while all other skirts make our legs look like a toothpick, and that just seems odd...

and yet there is still no comment from any dev from any department to even signify that they give a rats you know what about this entire thread area...

august cant come soon to my miqo'te i go