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06-16-2013, 02:25 PM
This is the same problem with lockboxes, you people just aren't seeing it.

This holding isn't purely about dilithium discounts, yes you get them (which is very nice) but look at what you get on the side for the price/grinding you're paying.

1. Incredibly nice fleet armor consoles
2. Really good fleet warp cores
3. More dil dailies in what I presume to be a single spot, also conveniently close to the other dilithium mine to help farming go faster

Of course when you work towards only one singular goal and ignore everything else, its going to seem extraordinarily costly and ridiculous, like with lock-boxes (people opening them JUST to get a super rare item and writing off all the other shinies they get as nothing), just look at what else you're getting for the cost.

I for one am extremely excited for this new holding, those consoles and warp cores are really really good and I could really use em, along with a more centralized place to get dilithium quickly and easily.

Also please note that the dilithium discounts are still pretty significant, though yes if you look at the numbers it costs more than it overall saves, it isn't YOU paying it (unless you're an idiot running a 1 man fleet), its several people, if you divide that up the discounts generally mean less painful star base upgrading in the future for the work everyone puts in now, and you get goodies on the side too!

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