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# 284 Based on consumer behaviour
06-16-2013, 04:06 PM
As a Manager deciding sales for a major chain in my past career I can tell you one thing for sure: consumers don't consider they are getting ANY kind of deal/benefit unless the discount is in the double digits.

Basic rule of thumb is sales start at bare minimum 10% - anything less in pointless as people preceive the opposite - that they are being ripped off.

So most sales actually begin at the 15% mark - like the Zen sales - more at the 20% mark like the ship sales.

I would strongly encourage Cryptic to get the discount above the single digit "it's worthless" threshold.

Bare minimum it should be 4% per tier for 12% total

However for maximum effect it shout be 5% per tier or 15% as people percieve 15% much higher - closer to 20 that 12% which is percieved as just barely above 10%

From the on-going outrage over the dilithium mine "discount" I would say it's more of a perception problem.

12% minumium would take some of this away- 15% would take almost all of it away.