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06-16-2013, 10:31 PM
Hello everyone,

a very very interesting Thread

i am using Plasma on my Vesta as well,
but i use the full Romi Reputation Set to get the Spezial Attack (2 min CD)
(Shield penetration + 600 Plasma DoT + minus Ressi debuff)

And I sold my soul and everything that i could affort to get the Plasma Mark XII TAC Consoles Consoles.

but my Phraser seems to be broken i never get a DPS higher than 500.
but the dealt damage is always over 2 mio. and the phraser splits the fight
in 5 to 6 periods of time (first group // left site right site // deaths // the gate // Tac. Cube)

in addition: i miss many events in the (old) Phraser (Photonic Fl. / Plasma fire / Graviti Well ... and more)

in the Starbase 24 STF i am always on 1 or second place ( !! with 3 to 5 deaths !!)

In the "Cure" STFs i kill all the Probes and bring the Cubes down to 20 %
fly to next and repeat everthing when i am done the Timer still has 5 to 7 minutes left
to get the optional

i tried the "Advanced Combat Tracker" but i couldn?t find the plugin anywhere

If someone is looking for a good Punching Bag in Star Trek Online
just play the Mission "Terradome" or the Vice Admiral version.

(Its located in the Gamma Orionis Sector Block, close to Undine Space)

The first Encounter is alone and has Millions and millions of HP
you fight 5 to 10 Minutes, before it warps away

It is a good test for your survivability as well


i know you didn?t have to proof anything,
and i know the (Romulan) Plasma Beam Setting is great.

But i would recommend you to do the Starbase (whatever) in Tau Dewa. (1 to 5 times)
Just to make the guys shut up


I use the

1x Romulan Plasma Beam Array [Dmg] [Acc]
1x Experimental Plasam Array [CritH]x3 (hidden but it is there)
1x Romulan Plasma Torp (forgot the exact name, sorry)

2x Romulan Plasma Beam Array [Dmg] [Acc]
1x Kinetic Cutting Beam

Full Borg Set
(i just explode all the time when i try the Adapted M.A.C.O.)

(NICe EXPLOIT: by the way if your Ad. MACO shield is emty again get out of Combat switch shield back and forth to get the full shields back :-D )

all 3 CritH Consoles.

1x EPS Console MK XII
1x Romulan Sience Console (- Threat) Mk XI
1x Shield Console Mark XI

3 Saurian BO's
2 Human BO's
1x "Tacital Team" Duty Officer (2x "Tac Team" = Rotation to keep me alive)
2x "Fire at Will" Duty Off. (2x Fire at will = keep the Dmg up)

and i HIGHLY recommend the "Attack Pattern Beta" to boast the Dmg


i have the Elite Scorpions but i want to try the Elite Tholian Fighters
as soon as i hit Tier 5 in that Reputation

i hope they come with "Attack Pattern Beta Skill"


please some helf me find the Advanced Combat Tracker plugin