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06-17-2013, 12:12 AM
Originally Posted by rickpaaa View Post
I am not comfortable with labeling anyone at Cryptic as being liars.

Perhaps the lack of bonuses outside of the scheduled blocks for bonus is not happening to everyone across the board. I have seen people post that they were not getting bonuses during the scheduled blocks, but I have been getting them during the times. I doubt that people who differ on that are lying either.

It is helpful to let Cryptic know that there is a big problem with an event weekend. It is probably good to let them know our frustration, and even offer ideas... even if they are just suggestions about better communication with the player base. Attacks on persons, or Cryptic as a whole, however, are quite useless, and quite deleterious in every way.
Sadly i am, not one individual specifically, but the company as a whole. I've been playing Cryptic games since Champions Beta, and in that almost 4 year span, there have been a lot of things that i call lies, false advertisements, false truths, purposeful misdirection, and of course things that they just don't tell us but should. These are practices that are still happening to this day, and Cryptic would rather just cover it up and work on the next new thing rather than go back and fix things or improve them unless they have too.

It's a terrible way to do business and it's slowly catching up with them.

And while you're right that we should all be more constructive in the criticisms and less demeaning or rude, sadly that won't fix things either. it's just as useless until there is enough of an outcry that they can't just hide it under the rug. A lot of people are just legitimately angry at the current state of the game and sadly even more are expressing it poorly.

Truth be told though, Cryptic as a company should be held responsible for the state of the game as well as communicating honestly what works, what doesn't, and what's being fixed currently, at least more so than they're doing with a few of the patch notes here and there.