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06-17-2013, 02:45 AM
Originally Posted by preiko View Post
Hello everyone,

i tried the "Advanced Combat Tracker" but i couldn?t find the plugin anywhere


please some helf me find the Advanced Combat Tracker plugin
use the v2012

also dont forget to delete or rename the combatlog in its folder, so a new one is created every instance

Originally Posted by preiko View Post
(i just explode all the time when i try the Adapted M.A.C.O.)

(NICe EXPLOIT: by the way if your Ad. MACO shield is emty again get out of Combat switch shield back and forth to get the full shields back :-D )
normal maco is the best. it gives you a power bonus when hit, plus it has many resistances, its easy to shieldtank with it (makes things faster when you can just bounce the dmg of heavy plasma torps from cubes, back at the cubes from your shields)

exploit is nice, tho I rarely would feel the need to use it

Originally Posted by preiko View Post
all 3 CritH Consoles.

1x EPS Console MK XII
1x Romulan Sience Console (- Threat) Mk XI
1x Shield Console Mark XI

3 Saurian BO's
2 Human BO's
1x "Tacital Team" Duty Officer (2x "Tac Team" = Rotation to keep me alive)
2x "Fire at Will" Duty Off. (2x Fire at will = keep the Dmg up)

and i HIGHLY recommend the "Attack Pattern Beta" to boast the Dmg


i have the Elite Scorpions but i want to try the Elite Tholian Fighters
as soon as i hit Tier 5 in that Reputation

i hope they come with "Attack Pattern Beta Skill"

EPS... not necessary a tachyo or leech should be better
saurians and humans are the past, romulans are the future (expensive tho)

APB is great with a spam ability like FAW, it boosts pet dmg, tho if the pets themselves have APB, an APO would be better for the movement buff
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