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Originally Posted by lordhavelock View Post
I recently put together an A2B build on my Fleet Excel, and I'm having some timing issues. In the interest of full disclosure, I don't PvP, rather this build is for a "DPS STF" build, but I figured since you were the experts on this mechanic you might lend some pointers anyway.

In the past, I would use a "Spam Keybind" (pressing F every 2-3 seconds) that had two copies of EPtS and EPtW (as well as Fire All Beams and Balance Shields) attached on it. This worked great to keep the EPtX abilities chaining and keep my Weapons and Shield power as high as possible. This was when I used my Excel mostly for tanking and pressure, which aren't needed so much in STFs anymore (and I got bored not killing anything by myself - Yeah, I know, fly an Escort... Sorry, for this character, I like my Cruiser. ).

Now I've got 2x AtB (w/3x Purple Techs), and 1x each EPtS and EPtW - And these are all on my F spam keybind. But it doesn't seem to be working right on the CD, especially with my other abilities I care to use (like FAW, ATB, and DEM, which I trigger separately, as needed, via a 2nd keybind).

Should I remove the AtB from the Spam Keybind and just trigger them manually as I need CD reduction? I've read this whole thread, and keybinds aren't mentioned much, so I'm wondering if that's how you guys do it? Here's my basic build info:

8x Beam Boat (Romulan Plasmas and a Cutting Beam)

EPtS1, A2B1, RSP2, DEM3
EPtW1, A2B1


Assim Modual, Zero Point, Neutronium, Electroceramic
All Embassy Shield Emitters w/Pla and -Th tags
All Plasma Infusers

Goal would be to keep the EPtS and EPtW chaining, while having the FAW, APB, and DEM available as often as possible. I'm not sure why I have the EPtA in there, honestly. I thought it might help get Aux back if needed, but it's never available, I'm considering changing it to an ET1 or ???). Any advise on timing would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

ETA: This build is now working wonderfully. See post 53 for details.
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