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06-17-2013, 02:12 AM
Originally Posted by smokeybacon90 View Post
The marks I am not too fussed about. Just a little bump in the mega grind anyway.

What annoys me is the fact that the event was still fully promoted on the front page all weekend, including the Thursday and Friday when it was already obvious that it was completely broke. I think advertising a faulty feature is rather cheap and bad practice.
Agreed but again it's not intentional miss-advertising, what would be the point? The real failure here is total lack of forum monitoring resulting in zero feedback to the players and hence the reason it was still advertised.

We can draw some pretty uncomfortable conclusions from this.

A. Nobody at Cryptic actually plays the game/reads the forum at the weekend to the extent that they would notice the marks issue, or...

B. said person has no channel of communication or power to correct the error/have the advertisement removed.

This tends to be the case, with previous issues that have occurred over a weekend, bar a major crash it tends to be left until Monday morning which for many of us is Monday evening.

Perhaps it's not surprising that if your day job is working on STO you don't want to spend your weekends playing it, however it seems to me that someone should be employed just to play the game and that person has an open communication channel to personnel that can put effective and expeditious corrections in place.

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