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06-17-2013, 04:57 AM
Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
I fully agree with the OP.
I would go even further and say that all Leg settings look way too thin.

In my Character and BOFFS i tend to use the highest setting (leg Bulk) just to make them NOT look somehow anorexic.
Have you guys ever tried (for fun) to make a male Charcter look Body Builder Like?
This is perfectly possible with Upper Body setings but the legs look rediculusly thin, why?
The best you can get is a somehow average look for the legs but all my BOFFS/Captains (Female or Male) would have have cartoonish proportions if i wouldn't actively make them look at least a bit more natural.

I think the problem are some of Cryptics designers, they obviously have no sense of proportion.
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Can of spinach??

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