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Man reading all this stuff is irritating me mega , just copy all your ships or don't stop worrying about others that worry about your own originality don't let it all get lost in all this useless complaining Chaos, I do my own skill tree i look at nobody else's stat's I never read combat log , for what ? lmao It works for me and I'm always coming up with new ideas to try , not looking at the what other guy does, and want to be exacatly like him lol Oh and be him and change to same name brilliant wow , Lmao again, he did this i did this , he can't do that i can't do that I want to do that senario is stale , make your own skill your own paint job our own setup and keep it to yourself's already please thank you. whoever started post about A2B is skilled at what he does just hope he is an original builder not 1 of the many Clone ships like lots of fleets do. Nuff Said !!
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