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06-17-2013, 07:09 AM
You can get the sets from the Omega Force rep in DS9 on Tribble.

Nukara Impulse Engine Mk XII
+15.6 Flight Speed
+ 8.5 Flight Turn Rate
+5 Shield Power
+7.5 additional Shield Power (bonus increases at low Shield Power)

Nukara Crystalline Resilient Shields Mk XII
6,865.6 Maximum Shield Capacity (5% Absorb, 5% Bleedthrough)
190.7 Shield Regeneration every 6 seconds
Reduces Tetryon Damage to Shields by 20%
Reduces Radiation Damage to Shields by 20%
1% change to reflect a portion of incoming energy damage back at attackers (50% shield penetration)

Nukara Deflector Array Mk XII
+26.2 Starship Shield Emitters
+8.8 Starship Structural Integrity
+26.2 Starthip Shield System
+8.8 Starship Inertial Dampeners
+17.5 Starship Power Insulators

Set 2: Weapon Stabilizers
Automatically removes weapon disabled condition after 4 seconds.

Set 3: Unstable Tetryon Lattice
Target Foe
10 km Range
3 min recharge
to target: 5,051 Tetryon Damage (28.1 DPS) to initial target
5,051 Tetryon Damage to foes within 5.0 km of target
Shuts down you Weapon Stabilizer for 60 seconds.