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06-17-2013, 09:04 AM
Originally Posted by tilarta View Post
Oh, Embassy has already proven that for small fleets, this is a joke.

For example, our Embassy T2 upgrade isn't moving at all, even though we've filled everything but the dilithium!

I've already made the decision to write off the Dil Mine except for unlocking the Advanced Fleet Cores, since it's been proven we don't have the resources in Dil to progress on this.

Not with all the other things we are working on that also require Dil.
But the main difference between the Dilithium Mine and Embassy is that Mine upgrades don't need dilithium and the only upgrade project that does is the Fleet Shuttle project which is completely optional. So it costs about 2.5 million dilithium to get to Tier 3 instead of 8 million for the Embassy. Also, there is the possibility that Cryptic might see common sense and get rid of dilithium requirements all together for the Dilithium Mine. So the only major problem with the Dilithium Mine is Fleet Marks.