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Originally Posted by fovrel View Post
I also would like to see a special wardrobe. Now they have the Klingon standard items. I bought a Ferasan this weekend and the fact that they don't have any special clothe options is cheap.

I would certainly buy a wardrobe package. Three sets or a couple of sets, a hand weapon and a shuttle. I think more people would play those races as there was more stuff for them available.

I bought a Ferasan Boff too. It seems it is only one boff, no character or account unlock. Still happy with the fact that my Ferasan has a boff of the same species, but it isn't cheap for only one boff.
And in terms of wardrobe we need bare feet like Gorn. The Caitian species is based off of Lions and if we had actual paws for feet like M'ress, it would look more like Lions.
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